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Why Summit Public Schools?  We believe in every individual child.  Regardless of race, neighborhood or prior academic experience, we believe that every student is capable of high levels of academic and social achievement.

Classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020:  

Summit Public School: Shasta is CURRENTLY accepting transfer student applications.  To join our very special first classes, please visit our school site and fill out the paperwork!

    How to make the transfer process easier:
  • Enroll in a college preparatory curriculum for the 9th grade.  This includes:
    • College Preparatory English
    • Biology
    • Geometry
    • World History
    • Foreign Language
    • UC Approved visual and performing art
    • Earn at least C's in all of your classes; Summit Public Schools do not accept D’s and neither do colleges.      

Class of 2021:  

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be available September 2016.  Please come to one of our open houses for more information about our school and to receive an application.  Both prospective students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to come as there will be the opportunity to interact with our director, teachers and some current students.

  • Lottery: March 18, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

Information was collected from California Charter School Association and Summit Public Schools

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are public schools. They are tuition-free and open to any student who wishes to attend. Charter schools are designed, tailored, and governed by each local community, rather than by a central office.

Are charters public schools?  Is Summit Shasta a public school?

Yes, charter schools are tuition-free, public schools that operate independently from the school district's central office. Summit Public School: Shasta is part of the Summit Public School network and serves students in the Jefferson Union High School District, its charter authorizer.

How can I apply for Summit Public School: Shasta? Are there admission requirements?

Charter schools are open to ALL children and we are committed to serving a diverse student population that is reflective of the families living in Jefferson Union High School District

As a public school, Summit Shasta is open to all students that wish to attend. If applications for admission exceed our targeted enrollment for the school or grade, enrollment is determined by a "public random drawing" or lottery.  Please see lottery deadlines on the left side of the page.

Does it matter where I live? What is the attendance boundary?

As schools of choice, all charter schools are open to any student who wants to apply, regardless of where he or she lives, space permitting. 

Students in the Jefferson Union High School District will have preference in our random public lottery, if a lottery is held.  

How does the lottery system work?

Charter schools are open to all students who want to attend, regardless of where they live. If the school receives more students than for which it has spots available, it is required by law to hold a blind lottery to determine which students will have the opportunity to attend. If more applications are received in a given recruitment period than we have seats for, Summit Shasta will have a wait list.

How will I know if I get into the lottery?

After the lottery is held, families will be notified of their application status by phone and by mail.  Families will then have a month to decide to enroll.  

Does Summit Shasta offer programs for students with special needs?


Does Summit Shasta have school tours or shadow days?

Yes.  We will start running shadow days in October 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.  Sign ups for the shadow days can be made by RSVP'ing at the bottom of this page (coming after our first open house) or by calling 415-799-4719 (after our first open house).

Do I have to attend an open house to apply?

No.  Applications are available online at  We do however, suggest that all families and incoming students attend one of our open houses as this will not only be an opportunity to hear about our program,  but also an opportunity to meet some of our current students and teachers.  Help on the applications will also be available at the events.