A reminder of expectations for our program is below:

·         Students

o    Passing all classes

o    0 unexcused tardies to school

o    0 tardies to classes

o    Behavioral issues and participation at the discretion of Shasta’s director and teachers

o    100% participation in sports if on the team

o    Any missed practices are missed only with a valid excuse given to the coach prior to practice (preference 24 hours)

·         Coaches

o    Communication with student-athletes and families

o    Compliance paperwork

o    Lesson-planned practices that scaffold skills and make sure that all student-athletes are involved

o    Meetings with parents present at practice and assistant coaches regularly to discuss the direction of the team and to make sure that everyone is on the same page

o    All issues with students and/or parents are to be immediately addressed with athletic director and school director

o    Clean-up, maintenance of equipment, etc

·         Parents

o    Decide what your role will be: present at practice, driver, supporter and support student success

o    Communicate with coaches, director and/or school director in the case of any issues

o    Communicate with coaches if student is ever to be absent for a practice.

o    Turn in all forms

o    Fundraising and donations to support the team and cover costs of participation

Caitlyn Herman,
Jul 22, 2016, 11:44 AM