High- Quality Teachers

Summit Public Schools has a world-class faculty collaborating to achieve our common mission- providing college opportunity and access to every student.  Faculty at Summit Public Schools have the remarkable capacity for connecting with young people, have a passion for their subjects, and have a strong level of dedication, respect and compassion for students. 

Administrative Team

Caitlyn Herman 
Executive Director
contact me:  cherman@summitps.org

Wren Maletsky
Assistant Director
contact me:  wmaletsky@summitps.org

Ana Lara
Operations Manager
contact me:  alara@summitps.org

Delvy Escobar
Operations Assistant
contact me:  descobar@summitps.org

Grade 9 Team

Bradley Davey and Andrew McCarty
contact me:  bdavey@summitps.org/ 

Sarah Day Dayon and Michelle Mogannam

Modern World I Teacher
contact me:  sdayon@summitps.org/ mmogannam@summitps.org

Adelaide Giornelli 
English 9 Teacher
contact me:  agiornelli@summitps.org

Hsiao Yang
Math 9 Teacher
contact me:  hyang@summitps.org

Grade 10 Team

Andrew McCarty
Physics Teacher
contact me: amccarty@summitps.org

Michelle Mogannam
Modern World II Teacher
contact me: mmogannam@summitps.org

Kelley Nugent

English 10 Teacher
contact me: knugent@summitps.org

Jackie O'Connor

Math 10 Teacher
contact me: joconnor@summitps.org

Grade 11 Team

Bradley Davey
Chemistry teacher
contact me: bdavey@summitps.org

Sarah Day Dayon
AP US History Teacher
contact me: sdayon@summitps.org

Kelley Nugent
AP Language Teacher
contact me: knugent@summitps.org

Lena Jones
Math 3
contact me: ljones@summitps.org

World Languages Team

Michelle Gross
Spanish 1 & 2
contact me:  mgross@summitps.org

David Brefini

Spanish 3 & AP Spanish
contact me:  dbrefini@summitps.org

Special Education Team

Hillary Odom
Special Education Teacher
contact me:  hodom@summitps.org

Synclair Young
Special Education Teacher
contact me:  syoung@summitps.org

Geoff Osmun
Special Education Coordinator (SPS)
contact me:  gosmun@summitps.org

Habits, Community and Culture

Lisa Vocker
HCC 9th/10th
contact me:  lvocker@summitps.org

Shanel Daines
HCC 11th/12th
contact me: sdaines@summitps.org