Shasta Bulletin: April 21, 2019

Shasta Bulletin: April 21, 2019

Letter from the Shasta Leadership Team

Dear Black Bear Families,

Thank you to all the families that joined us for our inaugural Shasta Town Hall meeting. We appreciate the feedback and engagement with our school. Please read below for two important updates for this week.

Celebration of Learning
We hope to welcome many families on campus again this week for our Expeditions Celebration of Learning on Thursday, April 25th from 5 PM- 7 PM. Our fabulous Black Bear students will present, share and display final projects that exhibit their learning throughout the Expeditions experience this year! This is a great opportunity for our students to get recognition from the people they care about most, and for students to be inspired by other course opportunities and begin planning for the following year. We are so proud of them and we look forward to celebrating their success with you!

There will be reporters from the journalism class and videographers from video production to help us take photos and videos that we can share with you after the event.  Food and drinks will also be available!

Important Information Regarding the Medical Center
We want to remind our students and families that it is incredibly important that we remain good neighbors with the medical center across the parking lot. In order to ensure that we can do that, we need ALL students and families to understand the following expectations:

1. The parking lot is private property and parking is reserved for patrons of the medical center. Cars parked there that belong to any Shasta students or families will be ticketed and towed.
2. While students are allowed to go to the cafe in the medical center before 8:20 and after 3:30, it is essential that they remember that the building is a place of business. We expect that any Shasta student who enters that building is not loud, aggressive, or using inappropriate language. We have asked the staff at the medical center to call the police if there is any behavior that is dangerous or disrupting their space.
3. We also ask that students, if at all possible, walk around the parking lot and use the sidewalks on Campus Drive. If they need to pass through the parking lot for any reason, it is essential that they walk carefully. There is substantial car traffic in the lot and there have been a few close calls – please help us ensure the safety of your students by reminding them of this.

It is absolutely essential that we maintain positive relationships with all of our neighbors. Your support in helping us do that is incredibly important. Thank you for sharing these messages with your students and supporting us in holding them to high expectations, even when they leave our campus.

We look forward to a great week!

Wren, Ava, and Adelaide

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