Shasta Bulletin: May 12, 2019

Shasta Bulletin: May 12, 2019

Letter from the Shasta Leadership Team

Dear Black Bear Families,

As you know, in February of this year, Shasta participated in a WASC accreditation visit. This visit included classroom observations, parent and student focus groups, and meetings with teachers. We are thrilled to announce that Summit Shasta was granted a Six-Year Accreditation Status through June 30, 2025, the highest possible accreditation! This status indicates “the committee found compelling evidence that the school needs little, if any, additional support for high-quality student learning and the implementation, monitoring, and accomplishment of the schoolwide action plan, which includes the identified critical areas for follow-up.” Summit Shasta will be required to submit a mid-cycle progress report at the end of the third year of the accreditation cycle. Thank you so much to all the community members that supported with this process!!!

This week marks the last week of Operation Leave No Black Bear Behind. This initiative is our school push to have all content completed by Friday, May 17th. Students and parents who have not yet met this goal will receive email communication on Monday and Thursday of this week.

Students who do not meet the Friday, May 17th deadline will need to attend Saturday school and office hours for the remainder of the year. We believe this is important because completing all needed content by May 17th will lighten the load substantially as students look to revise projects and reach for their goal grades as the year ends. This will also leave time for additional focus areas, another way to raise your grades.

We look forward to a great week!

Wren, Ava, and Adelaide

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